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School: Boise State University

What she does now: Pursues a master’s in public administration at Boise State, lends a hand in marketing and storytelling as a graduate assistant for the College of Innovation + Design, curates moody music playlists, and tries to help make her community more inclusive and kind.

Contact her about: time management (she’ll show you her planner collection), how to craft a compelling story, nonprofit or public administration, and podcast recommendations.

Email: pamcraig@u.boisestate.edu

Pamela Craig grew up near the Birds of Prey Conservation Area in southwestern Idaho. Her childhood, spent mostly among tumbleweeds and coyotes, gave her a deep sense of home and place, inspiring her to contemplate and writeabout Idaho as often as she could while studying English and History as an undergraduate student at Boise State. Since graduating with her bachelor degrees, she created an online magazine to encourage more folks to share their stories and create things, and is now pursuing a master’s degree in public administration at Boise State. She hopes to stay in Boise and achieve her personal mission of making Idaho the coolest place to live. She joined University Innovation Fellows because she loves collaborating and solving tough problems, but mostly because she loves Boise State and believes in the power and potential of its students.