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The student consulting service are formed to aid the under priviliged start ups to meet their lack in facilities and to give an economical push back and create an awareness among people who are lack in information about these services by the promotions and advertisements. The term consultant means who can make presentations ,recommendations and promoting works, but here not only the promoting works or anything else they  reach out to the entrepreneurs who are having a greater ideas to make a change in a business world, hence entrepreneurs are given chance to meet their goal . It will be good to focus on activities and approaches that appeal more to the growing volume of small business today. Making advertisements about the consulting service for the start ups may help people to approach us. Student consulting members should be open to members who can help externally or internally with ideas or work.


            Students are supposed to create a friendly environment and make the fellow students to get an interest in bringing up the new ideas and fostering their relationships in the society in order to get the funds raised to help in start ups for the lagging entrepreneurs to meet their success. Hence information is power when it is acted upon so we need to get awareness around the world. So change in standards of  ideology  make us help more.

 Better ways for Consulting services to Startups

·        Join the movement to contract roles

·        Adopt a project-based revenue model.

·        Be willing to work at all organization levels.

·        Be responsive to every entrepreneurs communication.

·        Adapt a style to meet the new business work models.

·        Deliver results rather than recommendations.


Pros and Cons

         Many consultants today are hard to contact between scheduled meetings, due to their formal communication processes. It’s time to adopt your entrepreneurs favourable way of communication, whether that be texting, phone calls or social media, and not limit responses to office hours. By this we can avoid loss of meeting. Sometimes entrepreneurs are not available after getting their work done and some entrepreneurs don’t even mind about this service. But even though we be in our promotion and available for the people who needs us and sometimes they found us very helpful so we need to be always in the service. And sometimes we get a good response.


Student consultant services used to raise the standards for underprivileged start ups. Under privileged start ups means not having basic required facilities by most of the start ups. Creating a student consulting service for those start ups will certainly help them to become privileged. In this organization, students break up into small teams to do certain works or they team up as a whole to do the complete project.



                       Roshini chowdary