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Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology Student Priorities

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University Innovation Fellows Spring 2017 Pitch Video

Strategy 1: Redesigning  assignments in a student’s beneficiary way

Since every subject final exam allocates few marks to students for the assignments that they submit, we want to redesign the assignment pattern in a more productive way.

As of now, same assignment is being given to all the students of the section. This system has few flaws since it gives a chance to students to copy it from others’ and the difficulty/practical implementation of an assignment is 2 on a scale of 10. This ultimately contradicts the whole idea behind giving an assignment.

Redesign Assignment system.jpg

What are the obvious flaws because of this?

It is a waste of time, doesn’t make a student to think innovatively or in a problem-solving way and marks are being taken for granted.

How we want it to be?

  1.  Students are divided into random groups as the professor wishes and each group is given a separate set of assignment(Not necessarily a written assignment).
  2.  Time limit for assignment submission should just be enough(not more/less).

Strategy 2: Industrial awareness through alumni interactions

Alumni Interaction.jpg

It is not possible to have industrial tours for all students and also students will not have a clear idea of the industrial environment/opportunity through just 1 or 2 tours. For a student to have a keen idea on what to learn during their UG so that they don’t feel pressurized with problems after they join their workplace and also to have an idea on what skills they need to work on to join their field of intrest, we decided to have more interactive sessions with alumni who are working. They can either be web sessions or we can have them come down to our college if they are free to give seminars that eliminates students’ doubts and confusion regarding their career

Strategy 3: Design Thinking Work Shops

Design Thinking.jpg

The workshop inculcates the way an individual thinks about a problem. It has 5 stages like Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. In each stage the participants will go through different thinking patterns like digging deeper, analyzing, brainstorming, designing and prototyping etc. Students will be benefited a lot by this. We are planning to conduct the workshop once in every week for our college students. So, students will be having a vision of how to think and what to do regarding a problem.

Strategy 4: Clubs/Activities/Sessions focusing on Communication skills


As of now, students are not being trained in soft skills or communication skills unless they enter their 3rd year and register under placement cell in our campus.

Why it is important to concentrate on these skills?

Most of the students (almost 65%) who join the college do not have a strong foundation in basics of English and have no idea of communicating properly/ speaking impromptively.

Since we spend almost 10 hours on an average in college everyday, it is important that we inculcate these skills during college hours because

it not only helps us get placed but also attributes in leading a successful career.

So we want to allocate at least 2 hours a week to classes where students get to interact among themselves and develop their Vocabulary/communication skills.

This can be achieved by conducting different fun activities related to improving the skills named above and many more.

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