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Non I&E course imparting importance of I&E in the context of larger subject area.

Understanding Technology (TECH 1010)

Covers the principal technologies that are important and prevalent today. Explores how technology applies to, affects, and interacts with various workplaces. Develops an appreciation for how technology changes and what possible new and exciting technologies are on the horizon.

Principles of Leadership (MGMT 1250)

Overviews principles of leadership. Provides students with information on successful leadership styles. Includes lectures, videos, case studies, group activities, and class discussion.

Marketing Management (MKTG 4650)

Presents detailed marketing analysis skills, planning and control of various marketing mix variables, target markets, and the marketing environment using both oral and written case studies. Includes lectures, class discussions, videos, projects, case analyses, oral presentations, written assignments, and guest speakers.

Engineering Design Technology

Engineering Design Technology teaches students to translate ideas from design layouts, specifications, rough sketches, and calculations of engineers & architects into working drawings, maps, plans, and illustrations which are used in making products. The program has a strong emphasis on innovation and design thinking.

Inspiration (i.e., TEDx, regular event, etc.)

Silicon Slopes Lecture Series

The Utah Valley University Entrepreneurship Institute is teaming up with Silicon Slopes to deliver this series of talks from all-star entrepreneurs. The Lecture Series is open to students and community members who are interested in learning from experienced entrepreneurs. If you've started a business, are thinking about starting a business, or just want to hear about the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs, this lecture series is for you.

Roots of Knowledge Speaker Series

The Roots of Knowledge Speaker Series will consist of presentations given by UVU scholars from a variety of disciplines, such as behavioral science, history, art, and the physical sciences.  Inspired by the "Roots of Knowledge" stained glass windows, located in the Bingham Gallery of the Fulton Library on UVU campus, the series gives speakers and audience members theopportunity toconnect with and explore the many ideas and human developments portrayed in the windows through the beauty of stained glass.

Technology Lecture Series (TECH 301R)

Weekly lecture series designed to teach students the principles of generating original ideas and running successful startups.

Mountain West Capital Network

Utah 100 Awards Event highlights Utah's Fastest Growing Companies. That is the 20th anniversary of the Utah 100 Awards Event, and we continue our tradition as the pre-eminent tribute to the fastest growing and most exciting companies in Utah.

Startup Weekend Provo

A global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world in 2014.

How-to workshops (day-long or short-term, speaker series).

Career Passport

Career Passport is a program made to assist students in finding their career. They offer networking events, lecture series, career advice, interviewing tips, and access to personality tests. You can also register for their class and submit assignments on UVU's learning portal called Canvas. There are prize drawings and rewards at every event. Career Passport can help with "Major" decisions and provide key insights for the tech industry.

CAL Masterminds

Each month, The Center for the Advancement of Leadership (CAL) invites its students, UVU students, UVU faculty, and community members to attend the <aster Mind Lecture Series.

Focusing on topics like passion, organization, behavior, and culture, each speaker in the series presents on a topic directly relates to leadership. The CAL strives to provide speakers who present on a variety of leadership styles.

Marketing and communications strategies

UVU American Marketing Association

It is a student leadership organization that incorporates teamwork to teach students marketing skills, promote professional development, and to create a sense of community. In short, we try to teach students about marketing, help them find internships and jobs, and create a professional business environment for students that fosters future marketers.

UVU Review

UVU’s student run newspaper.

UVU Alumni Magazine

The key marketing piece of the Association and the University. Produced by University Marketing and funded by the Association, the magazine reports important campus news and events while relating stories about alumni, faculty and others.

Utah Pulse

A Zions Bank sponsored venture aimed at creating the premiere business web site in the Rocky Mountain region. Utah Pulse is being built around a robust website featuring premium business content in text, audio and video formats. This content includes a daily subscription based newsletter; a variety of business lists, data and tools; educational resources and user generated content from entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business policy makers.

Beehive Startups

Local entrepreneurial newsletter created by the owners of Ezine Software Development. Have 7k to 8k followers on their email list.

UVU BRC Newsletter

3k to 4k followers on the newsletter list.

TEDxUVU- The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. This is a wonderful showcase of what is happening here at UVU and in our community.

Non I&E course imparting importance of I&E in the context of larger subject area.

Principles of Leadership (MGMT 1250)

Overviews principles of leadership. Provides students with information on successful leadership styles. Includes lectures, videos, cases, group activities, and class discussion.

Engineering Design Technology

Engineering Design Technology teaches students to translate ideas from design layouts, specifications, rough sketches, and calculations of engineers & architects into working drawings, maps, plans, and illustrations which are used in making products. The program has a strong emphasis on innovation and design thinking.


Course (theory, case and/or discussion-based; concepts of opportunity recognition and value creation and risk tolerance are conveyed):

Venture Capital Class

Venture capital is available financing from investors in order to provide new startup businesses with funds to grow and expand. These companies are carefully selected and are believed to have profitable, long-term growth capability. Venture capital is a high-risk for high-reward investment practice. This practice is managed by the UVU Wolverine Fund with oversight from the UVU Foundation and support from the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute.

Universal Design for Learning (EDUC 6084)

Focuses on universal design for learning (UDL) that creates curricula and learning environments that are designed to achieve success for a wide range of student abilities and disabilities. Covers the UDL approach, which takes advantage of advances in the fields of cognitive neuroscience of learning, educational technologies, and multimedia. Teaches how to apply the UDL approach in designing differentiated learning experiences using educational technology.

Curriculum Design (EDUC 6300)

Provides a foundation in curriculum theory and practice. Introduces instructional design theories principles and models. Outlines the historical development, current processes and practices of curriculum development, instructional design, implementation, and assessment. Investigates research and theory about educational contexts, motivation, curriculum, learning, and development as they relate to models of instruction. Examines applications and processes of curriculum decision making and the impact of national standards for content areas to curriculum design and development in classroom and district settings.

Interaction Design (DGM)

Combines services learning with digital design. Students learn about problems facing specific communities, research the communities, and design websites/products geared towards helping these communities.

Creativity and Innovation (TECH 3010)

Builds the creative confidence of students through hands-on exercises and teaches them how to build creative workplaces. Engages students in a variety of business and social design challenges throughout the semester.

Integrated Studies

The Integrated Studies department facilitates interdisciplinary learning by enabling students to design their own majors. The program requires a senior thesis that blends the academic fields students have studied. These theses can be research papers, but they do not have to be. Students have in the past have, for example, created companies, designed houses, and examined international business practices.

Business Accelerator Phase 1

Phase I training is taught from 8:30 am to noon on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The Goal of Phase I is to find a monetizable pain – a problem that customers are willing to pay for. It focuses on lean startup,  and customer.

Business Accelerator Phase 2

Phase II training is taught from 8:30 am to noon on the 1st Wednesday of each month. The Goal of Phase II is to create a Functional Prototype Requirements Attend Training Read “Business Model Generation” Homework M&I Assessment Biz Model Canvas Financials Model Sensitivity Analysis.

Extracurricular clubs and program offerings:

Enactus Club

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.  We provide a platform for teams of outstanding university students to create community development projects that put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their livelihoods. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, our students take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be a part of their own success. Our work transforms both the lives of the people we serve, and in turn, the lives of our students as they develop into more effective, values-driven leaders.

Competitions (pitch, business plan or bus. model):

UVU Social Innovation Challenge

The annual UVU Social Innovation Challenge starts each September, provides workshops monthly during fall, and concludes with pitches from our finalists at an exciting awards competition in December. Participating in the UVU Social Innovation Challenge offers you hands-on experience working to identify and research a social problem and gaps in the solutions market. This is a great place to start if you want to save the world.

Opportunity Quest

Opportunity Quest is an executive summary business plan competition open to all students within Utah Valley University. Individuals or teams can submit entries, but each submission must include at least one current Utah Valley University student in a prominent leadership role. The competition fosters and promotes business growth at the college and university level by giving students a chance to organize, direct, and present a business idea to a panel of judges. Opportunity Quest provides teams with an educational forum to prepare them for the competition and aid them in the creation and implementation of their business plan. A cash prize of $4,000 is awarded to the team judged to have presented the most plausible and promising business executive summary. The first-place team is also automatically entered as a finalist in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Students compete against their peers in a local GSEA Finals competition in the hopes of winning and going on to compete first nationally and then globally (in Toronto this . Founded in 1998 by Saint Louis University, GSEA is now an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program. EO uses GSEA as a vessel to give student entrepreneurs the opportunity to accelerate their success, challenge the status quo, connect to an instrumental peer group and make the greatest impact possible in their community.

Engineering Technology Fair

The UVU Engineering Technology Fair gives engineering students an opportunity to showcase their projects and products to the public. The fair includes projects from Pre-Engineering, Mechatronics, and Electrical Automation students.

Xclear Case Competition

Student teams have an opportunity to compete for $14,000 in prize money while gaining resume-building marketing experience. The competition is limited to members of the UVU AMA chapter, and is focused on completing a marketing challenge put on by Xclear.

Big Idea$

A monthly challenge hosted by the Entrepreneurship Institute. The challenge requires students to present a problem and a solution, and the winners for that month receive a cash prize.

Pushbutton Summit

The PushButton Digital Media Summit is a premier Digital Media Event centered on the intersection of the creativity & technology! Hosted in Utah & sponsored by Grow Utah, Zions Bank, and the Governor's Office of Economic Development this event consists of expert presentations, exhibits, creative contests, and best-practices from successful industry leaders.

Start-up Weekend, 3-Day Startup, or other engagement catalyzing formation of venture team in pursuit of a specific opportunity:

Startup University

The Utah Startup University Seminar Series is dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs together. They provide value-added workshops and seminars focused on providing tools and skills to entrepreneurs, would-be-entrepreneurs and business owners of startup and early-stage companies. From legal, accounting and finance, to fundraising, taxes, and business planning, entrepreneurs get the real-world and expert advice to help them "start, build, and grow businesses.


A UVU trade show that enables UVU student businesses to sell their products.

Utah Game Wars

Video game developers compete for award money and recognition. Put on by Grow Utah Ventures, Concept to Company, and sponsored by Zions Bank and USTAR. Winners have booths at ComiCon.


Experiential course (learn-by-doing, hands-on senior design, apply skills development)

Drone Club

The Drone club at UVU is a club focussed on an industry that is bombing with innovation. Drones are on the rise in all kinds of markets. This club focuses on preparing students to get their commercial drone certificate and springboard them into the workforce with experience. With this commercial certificate any student can start making money with their drone, they have then became an entrepreneur.

Office of New Urban Mechanics

The Office of New Urban Mechanics (ONUM) conducts policy analysis and research for city and state governments. The office specifically focuses on innovation in local government through developing and spreading unique solutions to chronic problems. ONUM blends innovation and entrepreneurship through obtaining contract work and designing programs for local governmental entities.

Civic Innovation (POLS)

Introduces students to design thinking and the principles of innovation within the context of the public sector. Engages students in real world civic innovation through the Office of New Urban Mechanics.

Digital Design Practicum (DGM 270R & 370R)

Non-profits work in partnership with the professor to identify challenges the company is facing. The professor then acts as a project manager, and students work in teams to design solutions. This class emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking.

Infrastructure (ie. maker, prototyping, or innovation space; engineering lab offering access outside of class, etc.).

UVU Startup Lab

Provides, manages, and coordinates the use of incubator space for new UVU student businesses.

Extracurricular formation and nurturing of design teams, vetting of opportunities

BRC Incubator

Incubation space for companies. It is also a collaboration between many different university, government, and private organizations. It is a one-stop shop for businesses that includes general business consulting, business plans, prototyping, 3d printing, manufacturing, website and app design, the G2M Business Accelerator, video game commercialization, etc.

Internship, co-op opportunity or business plan projects with external partners.

Internship Services

UVU’s Internship Services helps students construct unconventional paths to graduation. Internship services works with individual students to identify their passions and helps create matching internships with external organizations. Internship Services has worked with Academic Affairs to ensure that students working in internships receive credit that counts towards graduation. Due to this approach, students have the opportunity to bi-pass the traditional “go to class, do homework, get degree” mentality and instead construct an invigorating and experiential academic experience.


TechX is a world-class Revenue Accelerator which provides participating companies one-on-one mentoring from sales and marketing experts. The program includes proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools for rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results helping companies address their three biggest problems: Generating More Leads, Closing More Business, and Keeping More Customers.


Incubator, venture accelerator, bootcamp or startup venture space:

10,000 Small Businesses

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a $500 million national program designed to help small businesses in the United States create jobs and economic growth by providing entrepreneurs with a practical business education, access to capital and business support services.

UVU Business Resource Center 

Incubation space for companies. It is also a collaboration between many different university, government, and private organizations. It is a one-stop shop for businesses that includes general business consulting, business plans, prototyping, 3d printing, manufacturing, website and app design, the G2M Business Accelerator, video game commercialization, etc.

Technology Commercialization Office (TOC)

Helps the UVU community (faculty, students and staff) to explore the options of taking new ideas / technologies to market.

Entrepreneur Launch Pad

It is a group that provide hands on approach to helping each other build successful businesses.

Seed funding sources:


The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative is a long-term, state-funded investment to strengthen Utah's "knowledge economy." This revolutionary initiative invests in world-class innovation teams and research facilities at the University of Utah and Utah State University, to create novel technologies that are subsequently commercialized through new business ventures. In March 2006, the Utah State Legislature passed Senate Bill 75 creating USTAR. This measure provided funding for strategic investments at the University of Utah and Utah State University to recruit world-class researchers and build state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research and development facilities and to form first-rate science, innovation, and commercialization teams across the State. This initiative focuses on leveraging the proven success of Utah's research universities in creating and commercializing innovative technologies to generate more technology-based start-up firms, higher paying jobs, and additional business activity leading to a state-wide expansion of the Utah's tax base.


Incubation space for companies. It is also a collaboration between many different university, government, and private organizations. It is a one-stop shop for businesses that includes general business consulting, business plans, prototyping, 3d printing, manufacturing, website and app design, the G2M Business Accelerator, video game commercialization, etc.

Grant-writing, legal and/or other venture assistance


TCIP was designed to speed the process of taking university-developed, cutting-edge technologies to market, therby driving economic development and creating jobs for Utahns. Historically, the TCIP statute permitted grants only to technologies derived from Utah universities. In 2014, changes to the TCIP statute additionally permit funding small businesses that are commercializing technology developed independently of a Utah higher education institution. 

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Provides assistance to private companies applying for federal grants. 

Grant Writing (HLTH 3700)

Provides students with the needed knowledge and skills for community health grant writing. Teaches the major elements of grant writing including the identification of grant sources, writing grant proposals, and preparation of budgets and timelines.


Provides a software platform that streamlines legal processes for a variety of customers including startups. UpCounsel allows entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively tackle the legal minutia needed to run a business so that they can focus on product development, revenue, etc.

Business Resource Center (BRC)

The Business Resource Center is a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs. It is a collaboration between many different university, government, and private organizations. It is a one-stop shop for businesses that includes general business consulting, business plans, prototyping, 3d printing, manufacturing, website and app design, the G2M Business Accelerator, video game commercialization, etc.


Is one arm of Ray Zinn’s goal of exporting the positive aspects of Silicon Valley culture to the rest of America. By reaching students in university entrepreneurship programs, Zinn intends to impart his experience, encouragement, mentoring and perspective, as well as putting seed money into the pockets of the next Google, Apple, Ford, Walmart or AT&T. ZinnStarter exists to ignite the next generation of entrepreneurs. This includes giving them encouragementand mentoring as well as cash.


Technology, industrial park, manufacturing and/or wet lab space:

Manufacturers Extension Partnerships

MEP is a public-private partnership with Centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico dedicated to serving small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Regional sources of capital (angel, VC, state or institutional funds):

Clarke Capital

Clarke Capital is a Family Office Investment Firm, focused on Alternative Assets, Hedge Funds, Early Stage University-Licensed/Acquired Technologies and Growth Equity. Clarke Capital excels in partnering with management teams to give them the tools to grow, creating a clear strategy, giving access to multiple forms of capital and using our unparalleled network for business development. They have an excellent in house legal department and believe in building IP for their portfolio companies. They have a specialized team dedicated to building, defending, enforcing and litigating IP assets.


The Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program, administered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, provides competitive grants to small businesses and university teams to accelerate the commercialization of their innovative technologies. This program helps companies secure non-dilutive funding at critical points in their funding and commercialization life cycles, resulting in long-term success and economic development in the state.

Ross Seed Fund

Seed-stage financing is available to UVU students starting a business who need funds for early development of a new product or service. The Ross Fund was established by Brett and Robert Ross and additional funding was provided by Charlie and Lindsey Estes.

Wayne Brown Institute-The Wayne Brown Institute’s mission is to improve the human condition through entrepreneurship for the purpose of creating new wealth, jobs, and tax base. WBI was the first organization of its kind to accomplish this by transferring knowledge, experience, contacts and capital from the world’s leading business and financial organizations to promising companies, the essence of commercialization.

Boom Startup- The purpose of BoomStartup is to help great tech ideas find an optimal business model, create a minimal viable product that is revenue-ready, execute into revenue generation, and then make connections to customers and investors.  The goal is that companies at the end of the summer program will warrant investment from angel investors, venture capitalists, and banks.  BoomStartup’s mentors have included founders and key individuals from companies including Omniture, Cisco, Skull Candy, Altiris, and many more.

Mountain West Capital Network-(formerly the MountainWest Venture Group) is Utah's first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success through: Fostering the dynamic flow of information about capital formation and distribution, Educating and mentoring excellence, Recognizing and rewarding performance, Networking activities which promote synergistic relationships.

Silicon Slopes- Provides resources for technology and life science companies, investors and job seekers, including detailed company profiles, community calendar, a blog and job postings. They also track investors and their activity including deal flow in Utah.

Grow America Springboard Competitions-Grow America is the sister organization to Grow Utah. Grow America is a for-profit organization while Grow America is a non-profit. The Grow America Springboard Competitions are ongoing business plan competitions with no-strings-attached cash/service awards.

Utah Entrepreneur Challenge Competition Series- The Utah Entrepreneur Series is an integrated competition process aimed at guiding students from the idea to implementation stages of a successful business. Submissions are judged by industry professionals for a chance to win $40,000.There are three competition levels within the Series: techTITANS, Opportunity Quest, and the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Competitions are not exclusive, and do not require prior entry to move to the next level; however, students are encouraged to participate in the entire Series for maximum gain.

Concept to Company Contest Series- The Grow Utah Ventures "Concept to Company" competitions are ongoing innovation contests held in various regions across the state of Utah. Each competition focuses on the unique entrepreneurial strengths of that particular region. To date, over $580,000 in cash/services has been awarded and over 85 businesses launched!

PushButton UT Digital Media Event- The PushButton Event is open to all students across Utah. The competition is designed to foster the Utahn's entrepreneurial mindsets through experiential education and to connect them with other entrepreneurs.  The competition also provides funding for businesses as a reward.

Governor’s Office of Economic Development-is based on Governor Herbert's commitment to economic development statewide. The mandate for this office is to provide rich business resources for the creation, growth and recruitment of companies to Utah and to increase tourism and film production in the state. The Governor's Office of Economic Development accomplishes this mission through the administration of programs that are based around industries or "economic clusters" that demonstrate the best potential for development. The Governor's Office of Economic Development utilizes state resources and private sector contracts to fulfill its mission.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) of Utah-helps small businesses with all phases of Government contracting -federal, state, and local. Counselors provide one-on-one and group instruction that helps clients identify contracting opportunities, which can create growth of market share and revenues for them.  The government is an excellent customer because they generally purchase in large quantities, and pay their bills on time.

World Trade Center Utah (WTCU)-is a "first stop" support organization and information hub where a business can receive an initial analysis of their trade capabilities, challenges, and opportunities; referrals to the most relevant services; and access to essential educational events to increase their expertise. WTCU's signature service begins with a three step process of assess, educate & connect.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) of Utah-helps manufacturers increase profits, and get them to the next level. They show the secrets of using key tools and techniques that power winning companies. MEP empowers manufacturing executives to cut costly waste, run clean and lean, and do more with less.

Mentoring, advisory or business networks:

Corporate Alliance- helps members create real relationships, the kind that can weather any storm. Every successful business needs a vast network of trusted clients, advisors and friends. They help members create their own powerful networks. People who know them, people who like them and people who trust them.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Utah (EO)Is a dynamic, global network of more than 8,000 business owners in 40 countries. Founded in 1987 by a group of young entrepreneurs, EO is the catalyst that enables entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life. The link below is for the Utah chapter.

Entrepreneur Launch Pad-Began in 2008 with a professional networking group in Centerville, UT. The group's objective is to provide a "hands on" approach to helping each other build successful businesses. Entrepreneur Launch Pad (ELP) now provides a forum in six locations in Northern Utah. At these weekly meetings they can collaborate on business ideas, give instructive feedback on business presentations, listen to and discuss business topics, and make important networking contacts to help them grow their business. The 6 meeting sites in Utah include: Brigham City, Kaysville, Ogden, Orem, Park City, and Sandy. ELP is a non-profit business, providing no cost services to entrepreneurs, whether first time, current, or repeat.

Vest Pocket- Locally owned, independent businesses, scattered in "pockets" throughout our cities, lend a unique flavor, a "sense of place" and heart, to our neighborhoods. These are the small stores, cafes, and professional offices that offer personalized services and extraordinary products, and often bring renewed vitality to historic buildings. Our neighborhood businesses are owned by "insiders" who care about their neighbors, employees, and the local issues that are important to a dynamic, textured community and sustainable local economy. The Vest Pocket Business Coalition is an association of local business owners who want to protect the precious diversity of our neighborhoods and preserve the choice, texture, and vibrancy that make us what we are.

LaunchUp- Hosts free monthly events in Utah (Vegas coming soon) where entrepreneurs can meet and work together.

Product Camp Utah – Product Camp—also known as PCamp- is a user organized gathering focused on Product Marketing and Product Management topics. PCamp is one of many "unconferences" held throughout the world. Although similar to traditional industry conferences, at ProductCamp there are no "attendees" because everyone participates in some manner. Some participants will present while others will lead a roundtable discussion. Some will contribute simply by sharing their experiences and others by helping with logistics, securing sponsorships, setting up Wi-Fi, etc. PCamp is a self-organizing collaborative event that is rewarding, fun and a totally cool experience!

Startup Grind Utah- Startup Grind is an event series and website designed to help educate, inspire, and connect local entrepreneurs. Each month we welcome an amazing speaker who shares their story with our community and tells us what worked, what didn't, and what they'll do differently next time. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, network with other members of the startup community, and improve your chances of entrepreneurial success.

StartupUtah-is a regional initiative to increase the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial ecosystem across the State of Utah. From St. George to Cedar City, from Provo to Salt Lake City to Ogden, and across the Wasatch into Park City. Our mission is to multiply connections among entrepreneurs and mentors, improve access to entrepreneurial education, and build a more vibrant entrepreneurial community. The initiative is associated with the nationalStartup America Partnershipsponsored by the White House.

Utah Inventor Entrepreneurs-A social group of entrepreneurs,  inventors, engineers, and those seeking to build start-ups. They communicate online and in person. Their goal is to help increase motivation, innovation, knowledge and resources to help others with their ventures. They have sponsors, discussion boards, and people with experience coming to help those starting out.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF)- is a volunteer non-profit support group connecting entrepreneurs to Money, Markets, and Mentors. Celebrating 20 years of new business success, UVEF empowers individuals to thrive in business through potent education and networking. Our mission is to provide effective tools and create synergy between our members and business experts. Among the many benefits of a UVEF membership is admission to our monthly networking events featuring a captivating keynote speaker and special programs. Meals are always included for members at all events. Members also enjoy exclusive access to our group membership directory and discussion board, podcasts and much more.

Lean Startup Circle SLC- is dedicated to applying lean startup thinking and building lean startup leadership. We bring the Salt Lake City lean startup community together in a variety of formats to learn from each other.  

SLC Entrepreneurs Circle-is a monthly business networking and training event for entrepreneurs, early to mid-stage companies, and professionals thinking of starting businesses or professional practices. We are dedicated to providing expert level training from community business leaders, university faculty and successful entrepreneurs. This is Utah's largest business meetup and the fastest growing business meetup in the United States.

Gangplank Utah–  believes creativity is fostered when individuals are gathered together in a low-key, informal setting. Located in a fabulous old house on the campus of the University of Utah, we have created an open environment where individuals can just drop in and surround themselves with those who share the same collaborative entrepreneurial spirit. We are "breaking down the walls" both figuratively and literally.

Salt Lake Inventions, Entrepreneur Meetup-This is a group of inventors and prospective inventors, entrepreneurs, product developers, mechanical/industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, manufacturers, really anyone that has a passion of creating innovative ideas and inventions transforming them into physical reality including mechanical, electrical, and software if needed. Women are the fastest growing segment of bringing products to market, but don't always know where to begin, come and we'll help each other through the whole process.

Tech & Business Co-Founder Salt Lake- With investor capital drying up and the typical speed pitch event losing their angel status, cofounder matchmaking is the best resource for new business startups. At this event, you will date founders and potential co-founders. We put "speed pitch" into "speed dating."

Utah Technology Council- Utah's premier professional association, the Utah Technology Council has become the essential business resource for life science, clean-tech and high-tech companies seeking to achieve greater success. At its core, UTC exists to foster the GROWTH of the state's more than 5,700 technology companies, ensure Utah develops the highest QUALITY WORKFORCE in the nation and attract an ever-increasing array of FUNDING. Members join UTC to share insights with industry peers, counsel with government and academic leaders and receive help from professional service providers and funding resources.

National Association of Women Business Owners - SLC- The Salt Lake Chapter of NAWBO has been providing a strong voice and vision for women entrepreneurs and business owners since 1992, and previously to 1980 when the organization was known as UAWBO. They are one of 80 chapters nationwide affiliated with the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Founding Moms Exchange- Entrepreneurial moms meet and network with each other. Anyone who owns a business, wants to own one, is working on a creative venture, or wants to be around other businesswomen in Salt Lake and surrounding neighborhoods can be a part of this Exchange. You do not have to be a business owner yet.

Evo - Womens Social Media Evolution- Evo is a Utah conference that blends workshops, networking, parties and the wind-in-your-hair relaxation that can only be found by spending summertime in the mountains. It's for Women bloggers, businesses, and social media junkies of all levels. It involves hands-on tutorials and workshops, thoughtful discussions and keynote panels. Network and party with the friends and brands you love.

UVU Women's Success Center- UVU has established the Women's Success Center to offer women the support and resources they need to complete their degree and gain the confidence, opportunity and knowledge that come with a diploma.

Ignite Salt Lake- "Enlighten us, but make it quick" is the slogan of Ignite–a community event celebrating the passion and creativity of geek culture, sponsored by O'Reilly Media. Ignite events showcase a series of speakers who, in rapid succession, give five-minute talks on whatever ignites their passion. The format is half the fun with Ignite–speakers are allowed 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds, whether they're ready or not. Organized by volunteers in the local community and presented free of charge to their communities, Ignite talks range from starting your own role playing game, to the rules of roller derby, to quitting drinking bottled water

1 Million Cups- Entrepreneurs meet weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9am to pitch ideas and receive feedback.

UVU CAL Mastermind Lecture Series- The Center for the Advancement of Leadership offers the Mastermind lecture series as a resource to leadership students. This lecture allows students to network with other students and prolific leaders in the community.  

Utah Economic Summit- The annual Governor's Utah Economic Summit provides business leaders and decision-makers from the business, government and academic communities the opportunity to learn more about strategic opportunities and challenges facing businesses today.

Networking @ Night-Networking Night is an exciting and unique opportunity for students to build their professional connections and develop their soft skills. The event allows students to explore career paths of interest and what positions exist within a company, learn strategies to implement in college for career preparation, ask questions specific to a particular company of industry, and inquire about company representative's background and experiences.

UVU Wolverine Fund-The wolverine fund is a student run venture capital group that provides a hands on engaged learning experience in investing. Our students will complete due diligence for partner VC firms, source deals for our network of investors around the nation, and participate in national venture capital due diligence competitions. We also aim to support the development of the entrepreneurship community at Utah Valley University through a variety of initiatives.

Lean Startup Circle-A decentralized grassroots organization of Lean Startup practitioners all over the world. We come together to share tips, tricks, and stories about our successes and failures building companies.

UT Inventor Entrepreneurs-This is a group of inventors and wanna be inventors, entrepreneurs, product developers, mechanical/industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, manufacturers, really anyone that has a passion of creating innovative ideas and inventions transforming them into physical reality including mechanical, electrical, and software if needed.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum - Monthly lunches located at Zions Bank building in Provo, UT. Annual entrepreneur of the year awards program.


Utah Valley University Student Priorities

University Innovation Fellows:
Spring 2018:

Khaliun Amarjargal

Luke Kennard

Nick Varney

Wendy Rodriguez

Fall 2017:

Brooke Schroeder

Erin Call

Tim Smith

Nicholas Tyler

Spring 2016:

Jason Carrick

Brayden Cutler

Derek Latimer

Dallin Ott

Mark Romero

Spring 2015:

Tanner Wheadon