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Sevim Aktas

Advanced Technology Student

University of Twente, The Netherlands

Sevim Aktas is a University Innovation Fellow and student at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Sevims mission is to show that students achievements go beyond their expectations. As an Advanced Technology student, an engineer of multiple disciplines, and the president of UT MUN, the University's Model United Nations, she wants to be an example of her mission.

She is a multilingual and multicultural woman, speaking English, German, Turkish and Dutch.

2017/18 she initiated UT MUN together with 2 of her fellow students, has been Head of Driving Strategy and Race Coordinator of the University's Hydrogen race vehicle, Green Team Twente, that each year is participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon. At the same time, she is part of the educational committee of her study, organising student panel meetings to give them the opportunity to give feedback on education.

This year, her goal is to inspire and raise awareness about sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Besides, the integration of internationals is a big topic for her.