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Aubrey Wigner completed his PhD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology at Arizona State University in 2017 and will begin teaching Prototyping for Entrepreneurs at Michigan State University in the Fall. He also earned a BS in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and an MS in International Political Economy of Resources, both from the Colorado School of Mines. His dissertation, titled The Maker Movement, the Promise of Higher Education, and the Future of Workexplored how aspects of the Maker Movement can be used to better prepare students for an increasingly automated and technologically integrated future. His work focuses on integrating Makerspaces and Hackerspaces with higher education to enhance learning through hands on interdisciplinary practices. During his time as a fellow he helped run Making and Tinkering summer camps for middle school students and pitched an idea to remake part of ASU's main library into a collaborative interdisciplinary design space, a version of which will actually be built by 2019. In addition to his research on Makerspaces, he is also a maker. He works on digital sculpture, 3d design, 3d scanning, Arduino and Raspberry Pi based electronic projects, and automotive mechanics in his spare time.

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