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Titus Venverloo

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As student intrigued with many subjects, with an emphasis on sustainable urban development. Currently enrolled at The University of Twente. The University of Twente offers a unique undergraduate honours programme called Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS), which is a combination of engineering and social sciences. ATLAS is a project-based and student-centered bachelors, with a very international character. This programme also encourages students to go beyond just learning, it aims to provide hands-on experience with conducting research, tackling real-world problems and making an impact.

In his first year at ATLAS he was nominated by the dean of ATLAS to partake in the UIF programme, after he completed a research project into sustainable mobility in Curitiba, Brazil. This research project started with writing a socio-technical scenario for the City of Curitiba, Brazil. This scenario described a feasible chain of events towards implementing a culture of sustainable mobility. After completing the desk research, the team flew out to Brazil and investigated what the best approach was to implement this culture of sustainable mobility. The project team, referred to as the Curitiba Crew, was awarded best ATLAS semester project of the academic year 2016-2017. The Curitiba Crew did this with the aid of DesignLab thinking, the method used and developed by the DesignLab at the University of Twente, which is a collaborative facility for students to ideate, conceptualise and prototype solutions. It is also one of the startup incubators at the university. To round off the project, the stakeholders in Curitiba were invited to a meeting and a workshop on ideation and conceptualisation related to the mobility issues in the city.

In his second year, he continued with other study related projects about urban development, smart and resilient cities and mobility. Besides his studies, he is an active member of the UIF Utwente team where he is currently in charge of organizing the first 4-day UIF European Meetup. During this 4-day meetup the UIF Utwente team aims to let the UIFs experience the University of Twente’s way of working, thinking and producing solutions and ideas. By using design thinking methodologies developed by our DesignLab, participants will be equipped with artifacts and skills they can use immediately when they return to their university. For more information about the meetup check out our website:

He is also planning his third year at ATLAS, which is intended to provide additional international experiences. He will start his year at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, after which he will do his bachelor's thesis at MIT's Seanseable City Lab.

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