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Titus Venverloo

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As student intrigued with many subjects, with an emphasis on sustainable development. Currently enrolled at The University of Twente, this university offers a unique undergraduate honours programme under the faculty University College Twente, called Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS), which is a combination of engineering and social science courses. This programme is based around project based learning, so every semester has a special focus. 

During the first semester of ATLAS, he developed a special interest in the field of sustainable development and conducting research, which in the second semester, extended into a project on sustainable mobility. This project consisted of writing a scenario for the City of Curitiba, Brazil, describing a feasible chain of events towards implementing a culture of sustainable mobility. The project team, referred to as the Curitiba Crew, was awarded best ATLAS semester project of the academic year 2016-2017. The extension of this project was going to Curitiba, and conducting research into the interests and goals of the various stakeholders involved in Curitiba’s mobility sector. From June 2017 to the beginning of September 2017, the Curitiba Crew conducted research in Curitiba with the aid of leading experts in the field. During the research, the project team aimed not to only investigate the stakeholders, but also design solutions together with the stakeholders. The Curitiba Crew did this with the aid of DesignLab thinking, the method used and developed by the DesignLab at the University of Twente, which is a collaborative facility for students to ideate, conceptualise and prototype solutions. It is also one of the startup incubators at the university. To round off the project, the stakeholders in Curitiba were invited to a meeting and a workshop on ideation and conceptualisation related to the mobility issues in the city.

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