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An incubator for-profit and non-profit organizations intended to impact top  social and environmental problems such as poverty, hunger and health.  The institute recruits entrepreneurs from all around the world through their Global, East Africa  and Mexico  Institutes. The Unreasonable Institute hosts a 5 week program for a dozen teams where the teams work and live in the same house together. Each team has multiple mentors and are provided with mentor “dating” and coaching to make sure each team gets the best possible mentorship. At the same time, the institute holds Investor Days to help the projects secure funding.



To accelerate ideas with potential for significant social or environmental benefits into self-sustaining businesses and non-profits.

Distinct Differences from Other Offerings

The Unreasonable Institute recruits globally and fund their teams through a crowd funding platform so that individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds can join the team. As of now, they have had teams representing 37 countries and have opened their institute in Mexico (Aguascalientes, Mexico) and East Africa (Kampala, Uganda).

Additionally, the Unreasonable Institute involves a “live-in” component which is different from most incubators. The teams which are admitted live and work in the same house, ensuring that innovation and inspiration are a 24/7 ordeal.

Impact Achieved

 The institute has worked with 82 ventures in 5 years. 71 of those vetures are still active, and 63 have raised $37.88 Million. Some notable examples are Kopo Kopo, a tool for small merchants around the world, and Aquaphytex, a water filtration system involving plants.

Steps Required to Bring Resource to Campus


Unreasonable @Scale is a program aiming to start 100 Unreasonable Institutes in 100 countries by 2020. In order to launch @Scale, the Unreasonable institute is piloting a program in Mexico and in East Africa.  Currently, these two institutes are managed by teams which were hand-selected through the Global Institute. Currently, there is no direct way to bring this resource on campus.


Steps Required to Apply to the Incubator

 The institute runs from May 30th-July 6th

1. Submit written application (September-November)

2. Interview via Skype (December)

3. Additional inteviews with experts

Costs: $12,000/team or $10,000/individual however, all previous applicants crowndfunded their costs.

Eligibility requirements here: [1]

Contact Information


For general inquiries

For application inquiries

Twitter @BeUnreasonable

Global Institute: Boulder, CO United States

Mexico Institute: Aguascalientes, Mexico

East-Africa Institute: Kampala, Uganda