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QIS College of Engineering and Technology Student Priorities

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The QIS College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 1998, and sponsored by Sri Nidamanuri Educational Society to promote technological education to meet the requirements of a developing nation in the context of global concern at the threshold of the twenty first century.
A team of educated, enlightened, experienced technocrats with vision, firmly determined to promote high quality education is striving to provide every facility for achieving excellence. The college is one of the best colleges in and around the Prakasam Dist.The college is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.

The Engineering Programs offered at QIS College of Engineering are designed for career initiation and growth in the competitive market place. There is equal emphasis on theoretical concepts as well as practical insights, making our programs the right weapons to conquer the career goals.

Strategy #1: Institute-Industry-Interaction 


Industrial trips are very important to the students who are undergoing coaching in a professional education such as engineering.As any college can't have complete infrastructure to showcase  real-working experiences,machinery and operartional methodologies, Industrial trips will help to bridge the gap of practical exposure.They can know what really happens inside a company and working conditions and place of each and every employee.  Also,It promotes industry experts to participate in curriculum design which plays a significant role in preparing the students ready for the industry.Students should be encouraged to undertake the final year projects in the industry with a joint supervisor from the industry.It can also increase the research and development activities in both industries as well as institutions which further leads the nation to grow technologically and socioeconomically.


  • Provides an insight into the real working environment of industry.
  • Helps to enhance their personality.
  • Helps them to see their future place in working world.
  • Imporatance of teamwork and leadership.
  • Leads the nation to grow technologically and socioeconomically.

Strategy #2: Forming an Ideas Wing(A Student's Hub)


As there is no specific space for exploring student's ideas and views in our college, we want to implement a student's hub named !dea's wing irrespective of any department.Here they can represent their ideas and views with other students and can implement innovativethings by forming teams.


  • A collaboration of multi-disciplinary students.
  • Students can develop their communication skills,Decision Making
  • Strategies and Leadership Qualities.
  • Making innovative things.

Strategy #3: Interactive sessions through talks


Students are very dull in communication skills in the regional areas of Prakasam Dt.though they are good at academics.In some cases, though they are having good communication skills they are not good in participation,personailty and body-language.


  • Interactive Sessionss incorporate a multitude of goals beneath a single roof.
  • Interactive Sessionss are designed around a simple principle: Without practical application, students often fail to comprehend the depths of the study material.
  • Interactive Sessions include
  1. Brainstorming
  2. Think, pair and share
  3. Buzz session
  4. Incident process
  5. Q&A sessions
  • These sessions help students improve 
  1. communication skills 
  2. creativethinking
  3. confidence
  4. BodyLanguage
  5. Competitive Spirit 
  6. Self Esteem etc.
  • ​Interactive Sessionss provide four basic forms of feedback:
  1. Measurable student accomplishments — Teachers making use of interactive Sessions are better equipped to access how well students master a given subject material.
  2. Flexibility in teaching and Learning— Applying training methods that involve two-way communications enable the teacher and the student to make quick adjustments
  3. in processes and approaches.
  4. Practice makes perfect — Interactive Sessions enhances the learning process.
  5. Student motivation — Two-way teaching & learning dispel student passivity.

Strategy #4: Encouraging Sports and Clubs


Our college consists of clubs like photography,music and dance.They also provide us grounds for basketball,kabaddi and a games room for all indoor games.Though there are all facilities there is no proper encouragement and participation.


  • Participation in games and sports invariably ensures good health, fitness and, generally  freedom from ailments of various types. 
  • Actually, physical fitness is essential for proficiency in studies as ailing bodies do not make for sharp brains. 
  • Encouraging students to actively participate in sports will improve their Decision making strategies.
  • Inculcating the students into clubs will restore their focus.

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