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Louisiana Tech University Student Priorities

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2017 Student Priorities

Strategy #1 - Freshmen experience I&E

Tactic 1 - Incorporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship into the First Year Experience Course

The FYE 100 course that all freshmen take Fall Quarter is designed to provide application experiences in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration while students engage in university culture. Incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship into the course will enhance their critical thinking and collaboration skills while also introducing them to opportunities and resources available to them on campus.

Possible scenario – students involved with I&E produce lesson plan (with input from faculty) for one day of instruction in design thinking and what LaTech has to offer for innovation and entrepreneurship ambitions (Thingery, Rawle Center, Top Dog, student organizations). To make the lesson more effective, stagger instruction days so that the I&E students who produced the lesson plan can actually teach the class to the freshmen, showing student leadership in I&E and that a community for it exists on campus.

Projected timeline

-        Planning during academic year 2017-2018

-        Trail runs in select classes during Fall 2018

-        Refine model and fully implement during Fall 2019

Tactic 2 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship event at orientations during summer.

Most freshmen attend one of the orientation session the summer before attending to become familiar and excited about LaTech. Implementing an I&E event they attend during orientation would provide them the opportunity to know about what resources are available and spark their interest before weight of classes and other responsibilities set in during the quarter.

Possible scenario – students involved with I&E host a demonstration of design thinking in Thingery that orientation groups cycle through. Students receive crash course on the design thinking process, they find out where the Thingery is located, and are given the opportunity to sign up for workshops in the school year and I&E affiliated organizations.

Projected timeline

-        Planning during Winter Quarter 2018

-        Trail run during Time out for Tech Spring

-        Refine and implement during summer of 2018

Strategy #2 - Students have opportunity to experience I&E in locations they frequent

Tactic 1 – During Fall Quarter, I&E related student organizations (Bulldog Entrepreneurs and OpTech) organize daylong event celebrating I&E with support from Innovation Enterprise. The event would include I&E topic presentations from campus and guest speakers, activities in the Quad and Centennial Plaza that demonstrate some aspect of I&E (20,000 passions, design thinking crash course, elevator pitch game), and an expo of local entrepreneurs and innovations showing students the work they are doing in the student center.

Projected Timeline

-       Planning during academic year 2017/2018

-       Event occurs during latter half of Fall Quarter 2018

Tactic 2 – Smaller scale I&E days with one per quarter organized by I&E related organizations (Bulldog Entrepreneurs and OpTech) with support from Innovation Enterprise. I&E days would include one guest speaker (on campus or from region) and an engagement activity in Quad or Centennial Plaza. Would be less pressure on the organizers and spread out excitement for I&E among quarters instead of once at beginning of year.

Projected Timeline

-       Planning during Winter Quarter 2018

-       Test run during Spring Quarter 2018

-       Refine model and host first official I&E day Fall Quarter 2018

-       Continue each following quarter (excluding Summer Quarter for now)

Strategy #3 - I&E organizations have support from the university

Tactic 1 – Vocal, financial, resource support from the university (specifically Innovation Enterprise) for I&E organizations like Bulldog Entrepreneurs and Operations Tech (innovation club). The university collaborates with I&E student organizations to gain help in planning and promoting events/curriculum/initiatives on campus thereby including various student perspectives and interest in university planning.


Strategy #4 - Support for I&E development after graduation

Tactic 1 – Establish “Collaborative Community” group of entrepreneurial students

Support creation and development of a “Collaborative Community” with space on campus for entrepreneurial students to work on startup ideas, collaborate with others working on their own startups, and have opportunity to develop network for after graduation. Ground work for this is already laid with a few students and faculty setting up the vision for this group and first steps towards creation having been taken. Full implementation with university support will allow students on campus to meet and develop their ideas for startups and entrepreneurial skills together.

Projected Timeline

-       Allocate space for students to meet completed

-       Recruit students at different levels of idea development to start the community end of fall quarter 2017


Tactic 2 – Mentoring Network between entrepreneurial minded students, alumni, and local business owners

Establish a university sponsored network where students that want to dive into entrepreneurship, alumni that are involved with entrepreneurial activities, and local entrepreneurs can meet, communicate, collaborate, lend resources/expertise, and learn from each other. The individuals with a lot of experience can officially mentor less experienced members meeting online or in person weekly or monthly to strengthen community connection between like-minded people in the region.

Projected Timeline

-       Recruit and logistics planning for network during academic year 2017/2018

-       Soft launch of network to work out bugs and issues fall 2018

-       Pending soft launch is effective, official launch spring quarter 2019

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