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Kathryn Christopher

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Kathryn Christopher
Grand Valley State Univeristy
UIF Fall 2014

Kathryn Christopher, or KC as most of her friends call her, is a University Innovation Fellow at Grand Valley State Universtiy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a senior at GVSU and is studying Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. KC is currently working on a startup company with several other students and Grand Valley State University for a medical device designed for the intensive care unit. This project has sparked her interest in entreprenership and prompted her to apply for the University Innovation Fellows program.

She is currently trying to tackle the lack of communication and  interdiciplinary projects between the engineering, business, and biomedical science programs at her universtiy, and she believes that if there were more programs that collectively utilized these students' strengths that there would be a dramatic increase in innovation at GVSU. Looking into the future, KC's dream is to continue her passion for learning by attending graduate school in either business or engineering. KC currently works as an engineering co-op at Charter House Innovations in Zeeland, MI and enjoys camping, running, and a good craft beer.