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George Fox University has just constructed a new makerspace. Since this space is designed to encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, the George Fox University Innovation Fellows would like to ensure that this new resource is being used to its fullest potential. Secondary to that goal, interdisciplinary projects will bring the University's community together to produce innovative products. 

Strategy #1: End of Semester Makerspace Showcase Fair

Team: Kelsey Dody, Caleb Hubbell, Codi Morton, and Ethan Moss

Description: This would be a fair at the end of each semester based around what was made in the coming makerspace that would allow innovative and entrepreneurial students, faculty, and community members to showcase what they had been working on in the makerspace.

Tactic #1

January - March 2017 - Encourage engineering students who already attend the Engineering Expo at the end of each semester to showcase their hobbies as well as their school projects.

Tactic #2

Spring 2017 - Provide input regarding the design of the coming makerspace to ensure that it is robust enough to allow people to tinker and express themselves enough to warrant this showcase fair.

Tactic #3

Spring 2017 - Winter 2017 Make a detailed plan of how to contact the people who use the makerspace and parties that may be interested in the products that are made so that setting up and running the fair is simple and organized.

Strategy #2: 3 Day Challenge

Team:Kelsey Dody, Caleb Hubbell, Codi Morton, and Ethan Moss

Description: A three-day fair with an innovation contest that allows students from all majors to be introduced to innovation spaces and resources on campus. While it is something of a project in and of itself, its main goal is to raise awareness for other I&E resources.

Tactic #1

Increase interest from last year for current engineering and business students. While the event will be open to everyone, this is the main target group.

Tactic #2

Plan event, seek advice from the University Innovation Fellows who did a similar one-day event last year.

Tactic #3

Advertise the event in January-Februatry, host event in the middle of spring semester, before the final engineering projects have been assigned for underclassmen.

Strategy #3: PopUp Class

Team:Kelsey Dody, Caleb Hubbell, Codi Morton, and Ethan Moss

Description:Create a series of student-lead focus classes. These classes would be held randomly throughout the term and would range in length from one evening to week long.

Tactic #1

January - March 2017 - Talk to senior students and see if they have a desire to teach a skill they are proficient at.

Tactic #2

Spring 2017 - Start scheduling classes with the university and interested seniors.

Tactic #3

Fall 2016 - Begin advertising these classes, and begin holding them.

Strategy #4: Intentional Space Meetups

Team:Kelsey Dody, Caleb Hubbell, Codi Morton, and Ethan Moss

Description:Improve communication and understanding across engineering disciplines and with business majors through fun networking events.

Tactic #1

Begin discussing with the engineering board, ASC, and student life about the possibility of hosting a meetup in the new makerspace.

Tactic #2

Plan which activities to hold. Get needed supplies and support.

Tactic #3

Pick a date and have it marketed in the school notifications. Spread word by talking about it.

Tactic #4

Hold event during an evening. Make sure people are welcomed and begin getting to know others.

Strategy #5: Project App

Team:Kelsey Dody, Caleb Hubbell, Codi Morton, and Ethan Moss

Description: Create an app that allows users to connect with people on campuswhomwant to work on the same business idea.

Tactic #1

Start talking to the CS Program and the IT Department to test feasibility.

Tactic #2

Now - Spring 2017: Talk to students to get them interested in communicating their ideas online.

Tactic #3

Fall 2017: Develop the web app, and host it on George Foxs' servers to be used by the students.

Tactic #4

2018: Refine the app as it is used, fixing bugs and just generally creating a better user-experience.

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