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Eduardo Rojas-Flores

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Eduardo Rojas-Flores

University Innovation Fellow, NCIIA


Eduardo Rojas-Flores is a third year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Political Science, from the University of California, Merced.  Eduardo founded AIAA at UC Merced an organization with intentions to provide guidance and support for students pursuing an Aeronautical/Astronautical career. AIAA at UC Merced focuses on hands on experience within California’s central valley allowing members to build their resumes and enter the Aerospace/Aeronautical field after college. His purpose is to become a role model for immigrant students as a future innovator in aeronautics, a humanitarian and policy maker. As a student of engineering and politics, he is  attracted to the integration of cross-disciplinary approaches to new projects, combined with the opportunity to lead. His vision for his campus is to foster a competitive pool of students whose goal is to integrate California’s central valley’s economic, environmental and social needs into their own ambitions, for students to start to engage in solving real world problems.  By using the tools  provided by the University Innovation Fellows program, he hopes to aspire  constant innovation and breed the entrepreneurial spirit for UC Merced’s student body.

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