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Colorado State University Student Priorities

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Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Makerspace (Annaliese Cole-Weiss):Physical Meeting Space Faculty Advisor Variety of Technology/Equipment Materials Art/Office Supplies Funding Course/Usage Fee Assessment Training Program Membership Program Support from CSU Student/Faculty Awareness

Hack-A-Thon (Nicholas Hahn): Meet-Up Location Date and Time Richardson Design Center Approval Faculty/Administration Representation Materials for Brainstorming (Paper, Markers, etc.) Technology/Equipment (Computers, Projectors, etc.) Guest Speakers, Lectures, Brainstorming Sessions, Panels Competitions Advertisements Refreshments

Incoming Freshman/Transfer Student Outreach Program (Alonzo Alcocer): Voluntary Program Leaders Communication with Freshman Advisors/Advocates Designed Seminar Curriculum/Presentations Meeting spaces in freshman dorms RamWelcome Orientation Booths in plaza Seminar scheduling Mentoring programs Materials (pen, paper)

Innovation Club (Eric Thorson): Physical Meeting Space (Makerspace?) Access to Makerspace/Equipment Access to Technological Resources Elected President and Board Members Faculty Advisor Support from CSU Student Organizations Funding/Student Fees Mission Statement Social Media Presence Club Following/Participation