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Amin Mojtahedi

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Amin Mojtahedi Image.jpg

As a designer, I believe in the interplay between imagination and experience, in being pragmatic in a space of endless possibilites.

As a researcher, I believe in learning as the ultimate competitive advantage of all productive human communities.

And as an architectural researcher-designer, I am determined to create spaces for communities of people who channel learning to imagine, to tinker, and to make.

I have a PhD in architecture and am a Silicon Valley Business Journal Upstart 50. I also work as a design researcher and design thinking specialist at HGA as well as a TA at IDEO U.

Some years ago, my wife (also a UIF) and I launched a startup. Here are a couple of videos related to it: 

I've presented at the as a UIF in different occasions:

You can also see my drawings here:


And read my suggestions for creating innovation spaces in here:




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