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Amin Mojtahedi

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As a designer, I believe in the interplay between imagination and experience, in being pragmatic in a space of endless possibilites.

As a researcher, I believe in learning as the ultimate competitive advantage of all productive human communities.

And as an architectural researcher-designer, I am determined to create spaces for communities of people who channel learning to imagine, to tinker, and to make.

I am a PhD Candidate, Grad School Fellow, M.Arch, and Design Researcher at HGA Architects & Engineers

My work focuses on the architecture of social learning in higher education and work environments. The research on social learning has inspired me and My wife to work on AIM: Architecture Information Modeling. Here's it's video:

I've presented at the as a UIF in different occasions:

You can also see my drawings here:


And read my suggestions for creating innovation spaces in here:




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