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Ajay Varma is the youngest entrepreneur in  Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering college's history. He's  the Founder and CEOof"'SpiderWeb".On 27 April 2017, his lean start-up SPIDERWEB was launched on the Hands of Cheif Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He's also the Spokesperson of SRKR Engineering College. Ajay is one of theBrand Ambassador for Change of Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation(APSSDC).He is been inducted as a University Innovation Fellow in February 2017.'He always wanted to become "They Guy" who made things possible and he iterates that it all started when he moved away from Hyderabad to pursue his Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering and joined Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering College in Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh.With the incredible support from his Family and college management.Ajay began his journey where he learns things for a few years.He has termed this phase of his life as "Learning Journeys". He started to become an Independent Individual and very soon he stopped relying on his Parents for money.He began to generate his own revenue from different sources like Blogging,TA, Content writing,etc., but somewhere in his heart he always felt that there's a big journey ahead.He began preparing for the journey whose destination is not known to him.He also concentrated on improving the productivity of Shrimp Culture for a while and this helped him to transform his whole works into"The Dot Network".

In 2015, Ajay was appointed as the Executive Body Member of Indian Society For Technical Education.This helped ajay to be part of National Level Student Organisations and he got the chance to understand the culture and structure of Indian Education System.Pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering helped him to become an Engineer and not an Engineering Graduate.He actively took part in organising Tens of events and he also Organised a few National-Level Technical Symposiums.This gave ajay a chance to work as in teams adn orgainising National Symposiums.

In 2016,he started prototyping his Technical projects.His most Notable Project, to establish Centre for Student Empowerement,Innovation and Entreprenuership(CSEIE) has received a lot of positive feedback from Entrepreneurs and a lot of Investors have agreed to fund his projects.But Ajay waited for the right moment and he felt that getting into the University Innovation Fellows program has been the Right moment for him to do things. UIF program gave a lot of insights and sneak peek into the International community and Ajay finally understood what he actually wants to do for the next few years.His Real-time Prototyping skills, passion for imparting Change mindset into the society have been his biggest success.

In 2017,After attending the Silicon Valley meet-up,with the mentorship of APSSDC and UIF-Team he prepared groundwork to launch a Lean Start-up called SPIDERWEB.Ajay recalls his memories before launching Spiderweb and he proudly says that his "Spiderweb is an Outcome of the UIF Program".Spiderweb is a 7 Phase start-up where the Social and Student problems can be solved by the students itself.It helps students propose and articulate the best possible solutions for the On-going problem and with the help of the "Dot Network".Student empowerement,women empowerement and change agent activities are the responsibilities of every Core team member of spiderweb.This acts as the platform for uifellows,AIF's and National student bodies to prmote Change.

Spiderweb articulates and Prototypes the best possible solutions for a problem and it obtains False proof methods to solve a problem.Spiderweb consists of a lot of teams operating from all over the country from ranging from Kashmir to Chennai. Members of "The Dot Network" are an International community with professors from Stanford&MIT helping them in solving the problems and proposing real time also has Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs and Fellow Start-ups as a part of its "Dot Network".Fellows from across the country are actively involved in spiderweb from the past few months and Ajay wishes to expand spiderweb further after completing their Big mission which is "Work for 2019 Elections".Ajay wish to make his and his team's Big mission a big success and spiderwebs team members are all Spot-on workers and every TROT member has his own dreams and goals which they wish to fulfil in the next few years.e's also a nature lover.Ajay aims to bring a Big Revolution in Technology with the help of "Nature". He says that Spiderweb is "just the beginning" for more great things to come and his Learning journeys are the Legacy which he wants to leave behind him.
He is a "COLD PLAY FAN"!!!!!!

He's currently working as a Student Networking lead and  Intern at APSSDC along side pursuing Bachelors in ECE and Incubating his start-up,while bringing Chnage. 

While writing his Last Board Exam he thought life would get easier....."This is just the Beginning" Life smirked.