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Santiago G. Brusnin
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2022 cohort)
Majoring in


Santiago was born on May 12 1998 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He currently lives in the “Municipio G” of Montevideo -the biggest one, knowly as one of the townships of the periphery-.

Since 2020 he studies at the Law School of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

Since he was a little child, Santiago showed a leader's attitude, as well as his intentions of doing everything “his way”, not letting anybody stop him from doing what he wanted in order to achieve a better result by innovating in how the process was done.

Those actitudes define Santiago, as he always tries to innovate in everything he’s involved in.

Since highschool he’s been involved in different projects and programs, all related to entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development of solutions that helps improve other people’s lives, especially young people.

In the last few years he’s also been involved in politics, not just helping in the 2019 presidential campaign for the political party that he supports, but also staying close to the people, listening to his neighbors and showing him as “his voice” between them and the local, state, and national government. All with the idea of making his town a better one, with a new and renovated infrastructure and improving how the people of this part of the city lives, always innovating in how these changes are made.


Social media profiles

instagram.com/brusnins twitter.com/brusnins facebook.com/brusnins

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