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(Prototype, Session 3)

Welcome to the page for UCreate's resources. This is a prototype of sharing resources between departments (UV apartments 404 and 402), which will hopefully transition into a university service with automated moderating (as opposed to user mods).

1. On each page, a verified UIF may enter their name into desired timeslot to reserve the resource.

2. Each user may only reserve a certain amount of consecutive slots each day, beyond which other UIFs may override the appointment with their own reservations.

3. UIFs are allowed to share timeslots if all UIFs within the same timeslot agree to do so.

4. Timeslots include prep and cleanup time. Please clean up as a courtesy to the next user.

Resources will be updated based on availability:

Location Resource Slot Size Max Slots per appointment
UV 402 Living Room TV 30 min 6
UV 402 Stovetop 30 min 2
UV 402 Oven (Inactive; use UV 404) 30 min 6
UV 402 Washer 30 min 2
UV 402 Dryer 30 min 2
UV 404 Oven 30 min 6