Madalyn Beban

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Madalyn Beban is an avid reader, movie buff, and history fanatic currently working through her junior year of the University of Dayton's mechanical engineering program. She is pursuing a minor in Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment, as well as a concentration in Energy Systems. 

Her focus, from an academic and extracurricular perspective, is on the intersection of design and the environment--how the built environment and human operation within it affects the Earth's resources and state of the natural environment. She is a member of the Rivers Institute at UD, an associate member of the City of Dayton Environmental Advisory Board, and a long time participant in the Student Government Association Sustainability Committee. Each of these involvements investigates the ways in which community engagement, community behavior, and education affect the prospects of sustainable development in the greater Dayton area. 

Beban has chosen energy efficiency and renewable energy generations as the academic focus within this field, working for an energy efficiency projects firm as well as keeping tabs on tech advances in the worlds of generation, distribution, and storage. 

She is the current president of the University of Dayton ASHRAE Student Chapter (Association of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), hoping to expand the organization's impact on campus and to connect students with professionals in relevant industries.