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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has very recently been developing its identity as a site of innovation and entrepreneurship. Ideas have been in place for a while among students and faculty and now over the last semester, plans have started to take shape. The most recent ideas to action have come through interdisciplinary ideations and collaboration through The Brain Trust at IUPUI, the recent UIF chapter of IUPUI, the newly formed Innovation Student Union, and many other student organizations focused on innovative change at IUPUI.

Project Pitch Video

Spring 2016

Spring 2017

Strategy #1 Develop a unified voice for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) movement

In addition to the participating of the UI Fellows, there are many conversations about the importance of I&E on campus and in the student experience. 

  • Participate in design research to develop a unified campus definition of what I&E means to us
  • Identify opportunity spaces where solutions can be implemented to improve the student experience of I&E on campus
  • Develop solutions that will create a desirable student experience
  • Implement solutions

Strategy #2 Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the general student body.

Students at IUPUI are still largely unaware of the vision for IUPUI to become an innovation hub. Because of its proximity to so many businesses and large corporations, IUPUI has an amazing physical proximity to natural resources of Entrepreneurship as well as access to some crucially helpful individuals. However, there is no direct flow of knowledge or outstanding awareness of these resources; they are all hidden in the depths of the schools' websites and commonly unknown to the student body. 

  • Collect resource information and keep it organized.
  • Make connections with the faculty who are in charge of and aware of the opportunities inside and outside of IUPUI.
  • Meet with the influential individuals of IUPUI and the surrounding community to expand information.
  • Promote a plan for distributing information to students through workshops, lectures, etc. 
  • Create a widespread ideation platform with an easy-to-use software or game-like appearance.

Strategy #3 Bring awareness to innovation spaces at IUPUI.

Students at IUPUI are still largely unaware of the future plans for the campus, but one of the pending goals is to create and utilize more maker spaces. These spaces are for student creativity and collaboration to come to life and to provide the necessary equipment for ideas to happen.

  • Receive training through UIF to establish a complete goal for the future space.
  • Stay in contact with faculty who are already interested in helping to create this space.
  • Continue to reach out to more individuals who would be interested in a maker-space. 

Currently, IUPUI has a variety of maker-spaces located within schools and departments.  The current goal (as of Spring 2018) of the students is to include these spaces in our efforts to unify the I & E landscape across campus.

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