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Google offers all kinds of useful tools for starting your business. They give you access to free tools that will help you build your product, stage it well in the market, and getting a quick return on investment.


There are many people who have creative business ideas but they don’t know how to turn it into a marketable product. It is difficult to find resources to help you grow your idea without paying a big price.


The actual google website “Startup with Google” ( brings together numerous tools that support people whose aim is to start or improve a business. Therefore, this site is divided into three sections: Find Tools, Get Best Practices and Join a Community; which enables users to easily find what they need. Whether it be getting the right tools to start or tricks of the trade Google has you covered.



There are different apps which give the user the opportunity to choose the best for their convenience. For example, in order to get insight and analytics about your startup Google offers: Google Forms, Google Analytics, Google Surveys, and Tag Manager.



Google has provided key principles that can help guide an entrepreneur down the road to a successful business. Let’s say you're not the best people person and you want to be able to lead a team. There is a suite of videos that you can watch from successful founders. You can hear their stories and apply what you need.


Gaining traction with others

It is important to network while you are getting your business started up. There are communities and programs available through Google so that you can get the ball rolling.


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By:Lucia Rodriguez, Joel Martin and Luke Atticus