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How to create an off-campus residential space for recent entrepreneurial grads

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Create a new design or innovation space
    •    Intro (short paragraph describing the space that was created)
    •    Need and goal (what you did to assess the need and how this space would fill that need)
    •    Academic permission (what kind of permission and proposals were needed)
    •    Support (what types of support were necessary — faculty, student, leadership, alumni, community, etc)
    •    Cost (what funding was necessary to create and maintain the space, and how that funding was found/raised)
    •    Location (where the new space is located and why it was located there)
    •    Activities (what activities occur in the space)
    •    Materials (what materials were needed to make the space successful, and how you gathered those materials)
    •    Management (how you selected who would manage the space and how it would be managed)
    •    Launch (how you promoted and launched the new space)
    •    Lessons learned and tips for others (what worked and what didn’t, and your recommendations for others)