How to be a UIF in the Corporate World

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                The interview has been very motivational, we all got boost how to change our schools for the future generations while managing our corporate works.

Need and Goal:

                              We take care of our school’s education system when we are member of UIF in school but it is as important to take care of it when we in our personal life.


                         Corey Brugh.




                         Raghava Chowdam

                          Krishna Vamsi

                           Sai meghana

                           Divya Gayatri

                           Risha Parikh.

Interview Timings:

                                     9:30pm – 10:30pm (IST).


                 The Interview has been for an hour and it’s been a fun time for all members of our team to interact with one another and with the interviewee. All the doubts we are having regarding the topic “How to be a UIF in the corporate world” has been clearly clarified by “Corey Brugh” who is our interviewee. 

Lessons we learned and tips for others:

                                                                         UIF is a platform where you are having powers to change the world’s education system, which is going to be benefit for the upcoming generations. So, it is important for us to manage our personal life in order to be a UIF in the corporate world. In the corporate world there are many flaws like highest cost of product and difficulty in maintaining the product. So when a UIF emerges into corporate world, he does the things easy and simple. A UIF must make product which is more reliable, so that it can change the way of living effective and can reach the people in spite of their illiteracy and poverty.

Getting really clear on a plan for testing your assumptions and validating your data is important—and it helps to utilize the resources in your corporation.


Written by:  Raghava chowdam, Krishna vamsi.