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Gregory Wilson

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I am currently the Director of the Innovation Lab at Ross School, a private boarding school in East Hampton, New York. In July 2015, I graduated from the University of Georgia with a PhD in Learning, Design, and Technology in the College of Education. I have a background in computer science with a BS from Georgia Tech and a MS from Virginia Tech.

My research involves studying and developing informal learning environments that exposes business, engineering, art, technology, and science students to interdisciplinary collaboration, challenge-based learning, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. I hope to uncover guidelines to what tools, spaces, and contexts are needed for a successful environment. It is expected that implementation of these learning environments would increase students' engagement in solving society's toughest problems.

My mission is to empower people to make great products that affect the world.

Past E&I initiatives:

  • Worked with the Office of the Vice President of Research to expand the Thinc@UGA ( initiative, which seeks to promote entrepreneurship and innovation on campus, to include events beyond Thinc Week.

  • Created a make-a-thon series called "thinc-a-thon" which fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, design thinking, and entrepreneurship among students from all disciplines and levels.

  • Designed an entrepreneurship and innovation website for bringing awareness to the resources and programs available on campus for learning about entrepreneurship, developing ideas, and growing student businesses. 

  • Collaborated with Science Library to build the university's first makerspace.

  • Assisted in the creation of a Council of Economic Engagement with the purpose of building a better UGA through expansion, promotion and enhancement of university economic engagement and the role students play in it.

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