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Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs has programs, events, tools, and learning videos for aspiring business owners to utilize.  Google provides these tools to give entrepreneurs that edge, it also helps them promote their own services, which are mostly free.


There are 32 programs that Google either grows or partners.  Everything from startup weekends and accelerators, to Club Kidpreneur and Women 2.0; Google for Entrepreneurs does it all!  Tallahassee has one of the Google programs called Startup Grind.  Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Each monthly event, hosted in over 50 cities and 20 countries, features a successful local founder, innovator, educator, or investor who shares their story and the lessons they learned on the road to building great companies.


These sections include gmail and Google+, as well as cloud services, web development, and adwords.  The best part yet again? They’re all free!  Google really gives the user all the tools they need to get their business going.  Lets not forget that Google also owns YouTube which is the #1 destination for video viewing.

Online Learning

Google provides instructional videos for the aspiring business owner, or maybe just someone who needs that fresh reminder on web analytics, or team building.  No matter what your problem is, their Online Learning studio will have an answer.  It’s a must see for anyone in the entrepreneurship realm.


Google [X] is a project run by Google which includes major technological advancements.  It’s located about half a mile from the Googleplex which is in Mountain View California, right outside of San Jose.  Supposedly they have over 100 projects on their list including self driving cars, Google glasses, and an internet service from balloons in the stratosphere.  Word also has it that they are working on contact lenses that will measure someone’s glucose level based on their tears.  Many are looking at this as the next ‘Manhattan Project.’  There is no doubt that Google is doing everything possible to shape the future.  With

Google Ventures

Google Ventures provides seed, venture, and growth stage funding to innovative companies.  Besides funding, they back these companies with design, marketing, and recruiting.  Google Ventures has about 225 investments, and is looking to grow this every day.  They invest in all stages of growth, and all sectors/industries.  Google Ventures is focused on helping their portfolio companies grow, and operates on annual funds to make sure the growth happens.  They allow companies access to all Google amenities and also give workshops to help these portfolio companies grow.   Google Ventures is trying to make the world a better place, and their investments are certainly proving to do so.