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Esther Funez

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Esther Funez
is a first generation freshman at Menlo College, a small undergraduate private Business college in the heart of Silicon Valley. She intends to major in Psychology. She is a firm believer in the belief that change commences at home and with Menlo being her new home, she is eager to serve and improve higher education at Menlo.

        Esther was born in the third world country of Honduras, in the pursuit of the American Dream, at the age of five, her mother relocated them both to California. Where through the exceptional example of her mother, now a business owner, learned the values of hard work, how big you dream, and how much time you're willing to put in to persevere.  

        Driven by these values, she is living the best version of her American Dream. She doesn't believe in the idea that American Dream is about how many things she owns or how much money she makes but instead having the opportunity and the liberty to do with her life what God has given her the talent to try to achieve and giving back to the community.

          When she isn't running campus or at work, you will find Esther assisting others, immersing herself in organizations like Future Female Leaders of America, Turning point USA and Amor Missions, binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix or finding new adventures.