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Brenda Flores-Reyes

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Brenda Flores-Reyes is a sophomore at Menlo College and plans to double major in Marketing and International Management. Brenda believes in change and knows that to achieve change it must start with oneself. Brenda hopes to get into the Entertainment Industry because she would like to change the image of beauty to create self love in society. Besides attending school Brenda is part of her College Dance Team. Brenda was born and raised in Castro Valley California which is part of the East Bay. She comes from Mexican Immigrant parents who taught her the importance of family and respect. Growing up in the Bay Area she was aware of different cultures and ideas. This has made her love and learn about the different cultures around the world. Brenda’s passion for helping her community has given her the ability to work with different people. Brenda is now a candidate for the University Innovation Fellows program and hopes to create a positive impact on her school and local community.