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Betaversity is a company which aims to help people generate spaces on campus that inspire or foster creativity. They help fundraise, design and build your "BetaSpace" and even create spaces within shipping containers for events called "BetaBoxes".

Visit the below wiki page for more information on how to contact them and implemet a creator space on your own campus.

Guide to Creating Spaces on Campus


BetaSpaces are actual rooms for creativity and ideation that can be large or small. The can serve as a massive rapid prototyping hub or a small room for laying out plans for a project. To begin work on one, contact Betaversity here


BetaBox mobile creativity labs provide tools and physical space for prototyping, collaboration, and Stanford-style design thinking. BetaBox is available for lease up to four months, and for rental from just two days. Because getting the perfect resources together in a single place can be difficult and frustrating, each BetaBox containes 3D printers, hundreds of square feet of whiteboard, CAD and other 3D modeling software, a desktop CNC router, touchscreen content displays, speed-of-thought materials, LTE hotspot, and more. Best of all, BetaBox arrives ready for plug-and-play use, fully functional within 30 minutes of delivery.


A growing online network of prototyping and entrepreneurial spaces. Apply to list your space, and access free content and services.