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Ashoka builds networks of pattern-changing social innovators and select high-impact entrepreneurs, who creatively solve some of the worlds biggest social challenges, to become Ashoka Fellows. They believe that there is nothing more powerful than a new idea in the hands of a social entrepreneur.  Ashoka is practical in that they are highly attentive to the nuts and bolts of making things work, and visionary in that they often reframe the problem, build roles for others to participate, and cast a long term view for change at least at the national level. Ashoka's Venture and Fellowship program identifies and elects leading social enrepreneurs to the global Ashoka Fellowship and provides support, community, collaboration opportunities, and recognition.  They also build empowered changemaker communities in the US by spreading the skills of entrepreneurship, empathy and collaboration across sectors and institutions.


Ashoka envisions an Everyone A ChangemakerTM world.  A world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.  They find and foster the most powerful emergent ideas being led by the most effective entrepreneurs and provide a pathway for all citizens to be changemakers.


Ashoka Fellows work in over 60 countries around the globe in every area of human need.  They are taking a different route by addressing social entrepreneurship, and seeking leaders who are willing to make a difference in the community. They are providing youth and up with the tools they need to become a social entrepreneur and make a difference.

Impact Achieved

Ashoka U takes an institutional change approach to impact the education of millions of students. They collaborate with colleges and universities to break down barriers to institutional change and foster a campus-wide culture of social innovation.

Bring to Campus

They currently have five programs: Changemaker Campus, 360 degree Campus Scan, The Exchange, Social Entrepreneur in Residence, and Faculty Institute.

Phase 1 – 360° Campus Scan:

The 360° Campus Scan is an inventory tool designed as an empowering experience and structured process to assess the changemaking ecosystem at your institution, catalyze deeper commitment among your allies, generate new insights and ideas about what could work at your institution, and get feedback, recommendations, and comparative institutional case studies from Ashoka U. - $3,500

Phase 2 – Site Visit:

Ashoka U conducts a selection site visit for interviews with senior leaders and other key allies on campus, and for final evaluation and coaching for the selection panel. - $5,000

Phase 3 – Selection Panel:

Two Change Leaders or campus representatives make their case in front of experts in the field, who decide whether the institution qualifies as a Changemaker Campus.


Within a week of the Changemaker Campus selection panel, we will notify you of your designation as a Changemaker Campus and begin to prepare for a launch and designation ceremony at the Ashoka U Exchange. - $10,000

Institutions only move on to the next phase, if the current phase has been sufficiently satisfied.

Contact Information

1700 North Moore St,  

Suite 2000

Arlington, VA 22209                    


Tel: 703-527-8300 

Fax: 703-527-8383