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Amun Mehta

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Amun Mehta is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Operations Management and Social
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Psychology and Personality at the Ohio State University (OSU). Mehta is originally from Troy, MI, where he lived until 2017 when he moved to Columbus, Ohio. After his passion for design thinking surfaced, he was reached out to for the application to UIF.

At the Ohio State University, Amun is involved with the Fisher College of Buisness as a Business Scholar. He is also a new member educator for the Visual and Fine Arts Commitee in the Ohio Union Activities Board. In addition, he is applying to be a Community Refugee and Immigrant Service Mentor. In his spare time, he utilizies innovation skills to discuss solutions with his peers. 

From a young age, Amun followed a path of a young innovator. Searching for whatever household materials he could find, he would construct many random objects to utilize in his childhood needs. Eventually, this passion developed into artistic endeavors utilizing various mediums such as spray paint and chalk. He is extremely passionate about the use of art and innovation to bring various demographics into a collective headspace, where society's problems can be acknowledged and solved.

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