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Alex Breakstone

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Alex Breakstone is a mechanical engineering major at Bucknell University, graduating in the Spring of 2017.

From Westfield, New Jersey, Alex is passionate about competitive road cycling, and is a previous president of the Bucknell University Cycling Team.

After watching the Nightline feature on IDEO while in high school, Alex became passionate about design and problem solving. This interest attracted Alex to pursue competing in design competitions at Bucknell, as well as taking on the responsibility of co-leading the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Affinity House on campus during the 2014-2015 school year. Managing a budget provided both by the Affinity Housing program and the College of Engineering, the E & I House was able to provide residents with opportunity to learn from successful designers, innovators, and makers through speaker dinners and off-campus trips.

As a fellow, Alex has organized events such as Bucknell Innovates, a 24-hour design competition, as well as multiple pop-up workshops centered around design thinking and creativity.

Alex takes pride in empowering students to discover the value of design thinking and to pursue their passions for I & E.

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